ROMIL-SpA Super Purity Acids and Reagents
ROMIL-SpA Super Purity Acids and Reagents

ROMIL-SpA Super Purity Acids and Reagents Key Applications

  • Inductively Coupled Plasma (ICP-OES, ICP-MS)

    With key metal concentrations below 1 ppb, ROMIL‑SpA acids are an economical solution to sample preparation in high throughput qc analysis. For the most demanding applications we recommend the use of ROMIL‑UpA products where metal concentrations are controlled to ppt levels - like a leaf in a forest.
  • Atomic Absorption (AAS, GFAAS)

    Whilst now overshadowed by faster and more sensitive ICP techniques, atomic absorption spectrometry is still the main tool for trace metal determinations in many smaller analytical laboraories. Use of ROMIL‑SpA acids in sample preparation contributes to trouble-free analysis thus ensuring the continued popularity of this relatively simple technique for many years to come.
  • Ion Chromatography (IC)

    Although now a well established technique, ion chromatography never really caught on in the analysis of metals due to the popularity of the spectrometric techniques. In analysis of anions, however, ion chromatography reigns supreme. The same purification techniques that control metal ions in ROMIL‑SpA acids also have the same effect on anionic species which means that sample preparation can be undertaken free from otherwise interfering background impurities.
  • Voltammetry

    Also known in the past as polarography, this technique remains popular as a low capital cost entry into trace analysis. Sensitivity is similar to that for ICP with the further advantage that different oxidation states of elements can be identified. Not only can metal ions be determined but also some anions and organic compounds. Samples with high ionic concentration are also not a problem for voltammetry. With the availablity of ROMIL‑SpA products for sample preparation, this technique continues to see an increase in popularity.