ROMIL PrimAg® Reference Materials

traceable to SI Units via ultrapure primary reference silver

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Accredited Solutions for Pure Chemistry

ROMIL Ltd is an ISO 17034 accredited producer of Certified Reference Materials (CRMs). Our extensive PrimAg® range comprises single and multi-component element and ion solutions, pure stoichiometric substances and volumetric reagents. We also offer bespoke calibration mixes customised to user requirements and instrumentation.

PrimAg CRMs
PrimAg CRMs

Under ISO 17025, testing laboratories should demonstrate their confidence in the stability, homogeneity and storage of their CRMs. A key feature of ISO 17034 is that these criteria are built into the scheme. Thus, PrimAg® CRMs need no further validation.

PrimAg® - Accredited Solutions for Pure Chemistry.

PrimAg is a registered trademark of ROMIL Ltd.