Applications and Techniques

Products Tuned to Your Technique

ROMIL well understands that pure reagents increase efficiency and save money in the long term. ROMIL products are all about purity; they are far less likely to clog precision parts in expensive instrumentation, or to generate time-wasting, expensive unreliable results. Moreover, the unique ROMIL uni-grade strategy - utilising one grade for all applications within a defined purity band - removes the risk of selecting an inappropriate grade and saves storage space thereby again eliminating wasted time and effort.

As market, social and legislative developments continue to place pressure on businesses to monitor the quality and environmental impact of their products, there will be many equipment manufacturers who will respond with new instrumentation hardware. But only ROMIL has the vision and expertise to develop and supply the necessary 'software' - the reagents and standards of exceptional purity - to enable such hardware to perform to its capacity.